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    Flange-connection floating ball valve Flange-connection fixed ball valve Flange-connection stiff metallic sealing ball valve Orbital ball valve Pipeline ball valve for long-distance transportation V-shaped regulation ball valve Double-clip connected ball valve Flange-connection heating ball valve High-pressure forged-steel ball valve Open-type ball valve Integrated, two-section, three-section steel stainless ball valve Four-way ball valve Jacket ball valve Metal to metal seat ball valve Three-way ball valve Top entry cast steel ball valve Wafer ball valve Q91SAF-64 socket type ball valve Socket type 3-way ball valve Q11SAF-64 female thread ball valve Q13SAF-64 female thread ball valve Q14SA-64 female thread 3-way ball valve Q11SA female thread ball valve Q21SA female thread valve (with Weld tube) QG·Y1 Socket type ball valve Q91SA reduced-bore ball valve QG·QY1 gas source ball valve QG·M1 pressure gauge ball valve QG·AY1 pressure tap ball valve QY-1 ball valve for pneumatic line QY-2 Socket type ball valve QY-3 ball valve for gas source pipeline
    DRVZ damping check valve CVKR siliencing check valve H41X daming check valve HQ41 sliding path roller type check valve HQ44/45X slightly resistance ball-Like check valve SFCV/H44X flex clock check valve DDCV HD76/7X butt-clamped type double petal check valve HH46/8/9X/H small resistance slow-close butterfly check valve HH44X/T/H small resistance slow-close check valve HH47 H47XF HDH47X butterfly buffering check valve
    Non rising stem resilient seated gate valves(RVHX,RVCX) Rising stem resilient gate valve(RRHX) Special fire signal resilient seated gate valve (RVHX) Rising stem resilient seated gate valve (RRHX) Oversized resilient seated gate valve Electric resilient seated gate valve (RVEX)
    Three-cam eccentric hard-sealed butterfly valve D343X/F/H flange type turbine-driven three-cam butterfly valve D643X/F/H flange type pneumatic three-cam butterfly valve D943XF/H flange type electric three-cam butterfly valve D371/3X/F/H butt-clamped turbine-driven three-butterfly valve D671/3X/F/H butt-clamped pneumatic three-cam butterfly valve D971/3X/F/H butt-clamped electric three-cam butterfly valve D41X/J flange type manual butterfly valve D341X/J flange type turbine-driven butterfly valve D641X/J flange type pneumatic butterfly valve D941X/J flange type electric etc. butterfly valve D71X/J butt-clamped rubber-lined butterfly valve D371X/J butt-clamped turbine-driven rubber-lined butterfly valve D671X/J butt-clamped pneumatic rubber-lined butterfly valve D971X/J butt-clamped electric rubber-lined butterfly valve SD41X stretch type turbine driven flange butterfly valve
    QJ-1A stop valve for pneumatic line QJ1-B stop valve for pneumatic line QJ-1C stop valve for pneumatic line QJ-2 stop valve for pneumatic line QJ-3 stop valve for pneumatic line QJ-4 female thread stop valve for pneumatic line QJ-5 female and male stop valve for pneumatic line QJ-6 angle male thread stop valve for pneumatic line QJ-7 male thread stop valve for pneumatic line
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